Founded in 2012, 3D Matchmovers specializes in matchmove services (tracking, layout, body matchmove, onset VFX Supervision) for feature films, commercials, and TV shows. Say goodbye to endless revisions and hello to getting it right the first time!

Your security is our priority, which is why we're proud gold members of TPN!

Matchmove Production

3D Matchmovers delivers top-tier camera/object tracking, layout services, and body matchmove using the latest technologies and processes. Expect the best results, every time.

VFX supervision & VFX Data Wrangling on set services

No matter where you shoot, 3D Matchmovers provides on-site experts to ensure flawless details and support from start to finish. Our VFX supervision and on-location Data Capture services guarantee quick, convenient data collection. Prefer your own VFX supervisor? 3DMM assists in gathering all necessary VFX material, giving you more creative time with the director.

Bernard: Our In-House Tools and Pipeline Development

Our development team ensures our artists have the best tools and scripts for maximum productivity and data security. Our unique technology, BERNARD, is designed to monitor every process from start to finish.


Get in Touch

Share your project ideas or just say hello. Whether it's a major project or a few shots, we ensure perfect tracking. From shooting to post-production, we’re here to help.

AArts 40 cours Carnot, 13300 Salon-de-Provence, FRANCE

Phone: +33 6 52 08 71 55   Minitel: 3615 3DMM
Email: contact@3d-matchmovers.com

Tunisian office, production
3D Matchmovers, Centre Cameroun, 3eme et 4eme étage, Rue de Cameroun, Bélvédére,1002-Tunis Tunisie

Phone: +33 6 52 08 71 55   
Email: contact@3d-matchmovers.com

Spanish office, business development
Calle del nogal 38, El Escorial 28292 Madrid Spain

Phone: +34 6 37 81 18 08  
Email: contact@3d-matchmovers.com

Feel free to contact us anytime. Our passion is at your service to deliver the best foundation for your VFX.